"Representing Driver Educators"

NZIDE Instructors

NZIDE Instructors are certified experts in their field and well equipped to meet your learning needs.

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Learn from the Experts

The NZIDE is the home of driver education knowledge and expertise

Our Mission Statement
To promote and develop better driving standards among motorist and to promote greater road safety by the encouragement of better driving through professional instruction.


1. A Safe Learning Environment

  • It is a different relationship from famly and friends, instructors teach to the approved training syllabus which relates to today’s driving conditions.
  • You have the safety of a dual control car, which means you can make mistakes without being in danger.

2. Code of Professional Practice

  • The NZIDE has a code of ethic’s and practice for it’s instructors, to help ensure a professional standard of driving tuition.

3. Tutor Education Programme

  • The NZIDE has its own National Training Programme aiming to continually raising the standard of it’s driving instructor’s.

4. Networking for Self Development.

  • Members regularly meet to hear from industry experts, share insights with each other and examine new ideas.

5. Complaints Procedures. (for your safe guard)

  • If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you have received from an NZIDE Instructor, your complaint will be received and investigated by the Institute.
  • To make a complaint you should write either to the National President or the National Secretary at the addresses listed in our contacts page or email them. They will give you all the assistance you need.