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Welcome to the NZIDE Learning to Drive section of our web site. We have various courses designed to help novice drivers learn the rules governing our roads and fundamentals on good driving.

Moreover you can be tested on what you have learnt with a series of multiple choice questions, or if you want something that’s more fun and interactive then you can click this link to the Drivertool’s website.

As this site developes so will the number of course and test applications, but for now try out the programs we have available.

For this “Learning to Drive” section you will note a series of buttons at the bottom of this screen. These buttons are available to you while in the course or test sections of the web site.

The course procedure is quite simple:

  1. Do the lesson first by clicking on the “Table of Contents” which will take you to a list of the lessons.
  2. Do each lesson in the order of their listing and then when you are ready to be tested.
  3. Click on the “Test Me” Button.

To make the course effective you should do the test after you have completed all the lessons. To return to the course lessons from the “Test Me” screen at any time, click on the “Lessons” or “Table of Contents” button/s.

This web site has been tested and works well with the popular browsers, if however you should encounter any problems with the operation of these screens and buttons etc. then contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the solution.

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